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“The Magic of Jim Passé”

as it appeared in Southern Festival Magazine

One of the nation’s newest sensations, illusionist Jim Passé headquarters his Magic Warehouse TM in Raleigh, North Carolina. Complete with over seven tons of illusions, props, trusses and other staging, The Magic of Jim Passé is the largest touring full stage magic and illusion show in the Southeast.

Recently Jim Passé began his Magic Warehouse Tour at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium which audience members deemed “a spectacular performance”. Following this success, Jim Passé was featured on NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic which aired in November and marked Jim’s international debut in television.

Monthly, Jim Passé performs on behalf of non-profit organizations in North Carolina raising between three and five thousand dollars for them. In spite of the large space requirements for The Magic Warehouse TM, the show is able to load in to most high school auditoriums making this an ideal, family oriented and fun fundraiser.*

Jim Passé began his dream of being a magician as a youngster and now has three signature illusions – Shadowmorph, Steal and Glass, and Paradox Sphere. The latter was voted Best New Illusion 1997 by Magic Magazine.

Confined to a wheelchair since 1996 – the result of a spinal cord injury – The Magic of Jim Passé has acquired an inspirational quality that amazes audiences everywhere. In spite of physical limitations, Jim Passé successfully performs one of the fastest magician/assistant switches anywhere breaking the record previously held by Houdini.

According to Jim, “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.” Jim Passé is the proven expert at making lemonade and a master of illusion.

For audiences of all ages, this is a show that you won’t want to miss.

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