The theater darkens

Music swells with a pulsing beat. A metal pyramid glows center stage, but when opened, it’s empty. Fog rolls in; the music thunders as dancers disturb the fog with their wild and graceful movements. Suddenly, the spotlight… the magician appears from nowhere..and the magic begins!

Jim Passé

One of the top stage magicians in the world today, Jim Passé brings sophistication and glamour of Las Vegas illusions to each performance. The recipient of numerous international awards and accolades, Jim Passé has been performing to audiences’ standing ovations across the country for more than a decade. Fascinated by magic most of his life, Jim Passé always loves to amaze and amuse his audiences as much as his audiences like watching the magic. Jim Passé is also the world’s only stage illusionist to perform his entire show using a wheelchair – the result of a serious injury some years ago. His personal story, triumph and show are truly inspiring like no others. Jim Passé has built a professional act at the top of magic that transcends all perception of personal limitations!

The Performance

The Magic of Jim Passé is highlighted by three major unique illusions. The Pyramid introduces the magician at the beginning of the show. Materializing from the mists of an empty steel and glass pyramid, Jim Passé, accompanied by his dancers, set the tone for an evening of mystery and magic.

In Steel Impressions, Jim Passé draws a young woman confined in a steel-walled box through the front metal wall of the box in full view of the audience. You won’t believe what your eyes are telling you!

Finally, in an illusion seen on NBC TV’s Worlds’ Greatest Magic, Jim Passé presents the Paradox Sphere. A young woman is confined in an open steel sphere. The audience can see her throughout the illusion. She is locked in and pierced with a magical rod; the sphere splits in half taking half the woman with it. Impossible, but she lives, unharmed. You must see the gripping climax!

The show is filled with lots of other exciting magic: other illusions, impossible disappearances, classic parlor magic, mind reading and card tricks (that can be viewed by the largest audience by our projection television system) are all performed with a flair seldom seen in stage magic. And of course there is always lots of good, clean humor and fun for everyone!

Great Entertainment

Our specially tailored shows are perfect entertainment for your group:

Educational institutions such as high schools, colleges & universities.

Headline events for corporate meetings, dinners, parties and other group events.

Appearances at theaters, on television and at shopping centers.

Indoor and outdoor festivals and fairs.

All types of groups have enjoyed the experience of The Magic of Jim Passé!


A limited number of dates are available for your group to raise money by selling tickets to The Magic of Jim Passé performance. Perfect for civic clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, Sertoma and others; PTA groups; Scouts and other charitable causes. It’s not only easy; it’s fun!

Make It Happen For You!

Are you ready to have your mind read? Are you ready to see great sleight of hand? Are you ready for incredible illusions? Are you ready to experience real live stage illusion magic just like on TV? Yes? If so, the next step is to call The Magic of Jim Passé right now. Jim Passé and his staff will be glad to arrange everything to fit your requirements. Many options and prices are available for all budgets. Our dates always fill quickly, so call today to bring the world-class Magic of Jim Passé to you. It will be a memory that people will be glad you chose!

“The Magic of Jim Passé has acquired an inspirational quality that amazes audiences everywhere…”
Southern Festival Magazine, January 1999

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“I was the last reluctant passenger to climb in the small white car plastered with yellow tape that reads, “CAUTION: BLINDFOLDED DRIVER.” The driver was the famous Raleigh illusionist Jim Passé…”
Frances Smith, Spectator Magazine

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“This year we were pleased to obtain the services of Mr. Passé and [the] Paradox Sphere illusion. We know [it] will be one of the highlights of the television special…”
Gary Ouellet – Producer of the World’s Greatest Magic Series (NBC)

“…[Jim Passé’s] original illusion was a smash hit…”
Philip R. Willmarth – Executive Editor of The Linking Ring, The official publication of The International Brotherhood of Magicians

“…Amazing performance. I can’t believe all this applause…”
Mark Wilson – International Acclaimed Magician and star of the Magic Land of Alakazam Syndicated TV program

“This act is fantastic…”
Jeff McBride – Illusionist Extrordinare at Ceasars Palace Las Vegas

“…Best illusion design I’ve seen this year…”
Mac King – Host of The Worlds Greatest Magic TV Show

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