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Jim PasseJim Passé (Magician) grew up in Chicago, the Windy City, a town with a reputation as home to some of the country’s best magicians. At the early age of 6, Jim’s aunt spawned his interest in magic with the gift of a few small “magic tricks” purchased from a professional magic shop in the heart of the city.


Melissa BaugussMelissa J. Bauguss (Director) began working with The Magic of Jim Passé in January 1999 as a magician’s assistant and member of the tech crew.  Since then she has filled various roles including dance captain, choreographer, sound technician and presently marketing director and stage director.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Meredith College in 1999 where she studied opera, musical theatre, dance and acting. 


Gabe Angeles (Assistant-2008) Born in the Philippines, this genetic specimen of perfection grew up in Northern Virginia. After high school, Gabe went to study at McGill University in Montreal where he earned a degree in Architecture. The road took him to North Carolina where he finished his Master’s degree in Architecture and subsequently started his own company, Daedylus Innovative Designs.


Melissa Angeles (Assistant-2008) Brazilian native from Sao Paolo, this stunning example of exotic beauty decided to come to the U.S. after her college degree in Business Administration. Wishing to immerse herself in foreign culture as a way to learn English, Melissa set out to North Carolina, not knowing who she would meet…


Sage Bauguss (Lion)Sage Bauguss (Lion) is quickly trying to upstage Jim with her numerous escape tricks. Trust me, she only looks cute and innocent.


Simon PasseSimon Passe (Leopard) will steal your heart with a graceful bow and a big wet kiss. Be careful not to look directly into his eyes as he will hypnotize you into rubbing his belly at a moment’s notice.